Juggling 92 things?

Hey, I'm Ashley Price. Ever since I was little, I knew climbing the corporate ladder wasn't for me. I wanted something bigger and better and wanted to homeschool. How does that work? Well, I eventually figured out a system that allowed me to run 2 businesses while homeschooling and still getting plenty of me-time in.

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Who Am I?

Great question! 

Hey, I'm Ashley and helping Christian women balance their 92 different roles is my jam.


I was like you. I probably was worse because when my Church leaders told me that my marketing firm wouldn't fulfill me and marriage and motherhood would, I left. I left the Church because my ego got in the way.

But God always has a plan. He let me see that family was the most important and that no career I ever had fulfilled me in the way that I wanted to be a wife and mother.

Then God introduced me to a man who wanted the same things I did and had a strong faith. I quickly realized how much it mattered to me that being a wife and mother was first.

Once I started living life in a Godly order, people started to ask me a ton of questions! They wanted help on having a biblical relationship and stat! They wanted advice on how to handle certain situations in their home and wanted to learn how to be a homemaker.

I guess I was doing something right!

Since then, I've helped women ditch worldly and unfulfilling ideologies and love the life God wants for them.

How I can help

Biblical Womanhood 101

This is my signature program where you get LIFETIME COACHING and we go from Overwhelmed Olivia to Calm Caroline. Learn how to juggle business with the kids and more.


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Join my free community of other Christian Women walking with God to thrive in their home and business life.

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