God has a vision for you & sister, it's not what the world says it is.

This mini-course is designed with you and our Creator in mind. We're going to lay some foundational pieces of God's plan together.

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The world has mastered the art of manipulating our womanhood into things it certainly is not. 

The world says: 

  • Family hinders you 
  • Women are oppressed 
  • Your most important work is outside the home 
  • Motherhood is nothing special
  • Being a woman is nothing special, even a man can do it. 
  • the list goes on and on 

All while telling women they aren't good enough. They aren't thin enough, pretty enough, superwoman enough, really we just aren't good enough.

Maybe you've been told those things. I know I have. 

That's why I wanted to dive into this Mini Course on our Biblical Femininity and God's Good and Perfect Design for Us.  

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Hey, I'm Ashley and helping Christian women fall in love with who God made them to be is my jam.

I wasn't raised a Christian and so I had no clue what my womanhood meant and had virtually no role model for womanhood. So when I turned 18, my body became my power. Except that didn't fulfill me. 

Then I learned the true meaning of my womanhood from our Creator and everything changed. 

I quickly changed my entire lifestyle (much to the disappointment of those I knew) and lived to serve God and find out why He created me. Through that time I met my husband who was also striving to honor his God-given design and it's been incredible. Now I'm on a mission to help other women feel the same way I do about my Creator and His good and perfect design.


I learned quickly that the benefit of doing life God's way far outweighed any fears I had.

Most people aren't willing to go above and beyond to figure out how to be a Godly woman but you are. That's how I know this will change everything for you. 

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What you get inside the portal:

    We have to set some ground-level foundations for our womanhood. We'll dive into why God created us and how the world gets it all wrong.
    Let's discuss what God says about. the need for discipleship and how Jesus gave us the perfect model. Plus, we'll discuss. the call directly from God to mentor.
    The call to service doesn't stop at your driveway. We're going to discuss how Sin changed our view on work and how we can shift our mindset.
    We are living in such a unique time and it's crucial to have friends around you that support you and truly understand what you're doing. 

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Godly Happiness is waiting for you when you dive deeper into your own creation 

Biblical Femininity and God's Plan for Women

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I Get It...

This was everything I had needed when I was diving into my own womanhood. 

I'll give you all the knowledge  I picked up along the way so you can thrive in your God-defined womanhood.